Check out our commonly asked questions

How will I know what the job will cost?
After your initial enquiry we will organise a site visit/measure. Where we will come out onsite and discuss our process and timeframes, within 48 (business) hours, we will email you an itemised quote. Before you accept the quote- feel free to talk to us with any further questions or if you would like to see colour samples. If you are happy with the quote all you need to do is click accept and agree to our terms and conditions. We will follow up with a phone call to organise a day that suits you to start work. From quote acceptance to commencement is usually 1-2 weeks, subject to workload and weather.

How long do roof restorations take?
Most average sized houses usually take between 2-4 days depending on the weather and repairs needed to your roof. Whilst we are out on site we will be able to offer you a specific time frame according to your house specifications.

What areas do you service?
We cover all of the Central Coast. We are based in Bensville and cover from Lake Macquarie down to Hornsby and all suburbs and towns in between.

Can I restore my roof if I have solar panels?
If you have solar on your roof- we mask around the solar panels so to protect them as your roof is quite protected under the solar panels. So, there is no need to repaint the area underneath. All repairs are able to be carried out with the panels on the roof. If there is significant damage under your solar panels we are able to organize for them to be carefully removed and re installed after your roof restoration.

Is your business insured and do you guarantee your work?
Yes, we are fully insured for workers compensation and hold $20,000,000 public liability cover. We provide a 7 year workmanship guarantee on the installation of all concrete and terracotta roof tiles on new roofs and full roof replacements along with an up to a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer up to a 15 year product warranty on Roof Protect (only available from Industrial Roof Coatings approved applicators).

I have seen signs for $1700 roof paint, why is your quote more expensive?
You get what you pay for. If you see the signs around the streets advertising for cheap roof restorations it usually means the company are cutting corners on items that will affect the long-term protection of your roof. For example, they may not be qualified, they could be watering down the paint, which will affect the waterproof qualities of the paint and this could also affect the manufacturer’s warranty of the products that are being used. The cheaper quotes could also be cutting corners and not inspecting your roof correctly and not fixing, replacing or re pointing broken tiles- rather, just using some silicone to patch it up. The cheaper company could also not include extra items that we do every day including, valley clips and storm seals which prevent leaks from occurring in your roof.

Is the job messy?
Restorations can get messy, especially as we clean out your gutters and roof with our high-pressure water cleaner. Whilst the cleaning process is under way we make sure all of your windows are closed and there is no washing on your line or cars parked too close before we begin. We will keep you updated through the process and make sure everything is as clean as we found it.