Fixing Your Damaged Roof

We will repair your roof after your home has been damaged

The Coast Roof Tiling team have extensive experience working with builders and insurance companies to help home owners re build after their home has been devastated. We work with a range of builders to support them with the re building of homes caused by water, fire, hail or any other incident that has ruined your roof.

Our team will come out on site and make the roof temporarily safe, known as emergency make safes.

We will complete a comprehensive condition report specifically for the roof, so the insurance company is given as much information about the damage to the property as possible.

The reports will include:
• Description of the incident and a summary of what we found
• Description of exactly what caused the damage
• If we had to conduct a make safe
• If the roof cavity was inspected
• Repair and maintenance recommendations

Whether you are lucky to just need your roof replaced or your home has sustained extensive damage we can work with your insurance company and their contractors to re build your home exactly how it was.