Roof Repair Specialists

We can repair any style of roof

If you have noticed that your roof has broken tiles, leaks or the guttering is falling away, give us a call we repair anything on your roof. There are many areas of your roof, that over time will begin to deteriorate which eventually can cause leaks from your roof into your home. To future proof your home, we will thoroughly inspect and report on your roof as to the state each component is in and how it should be repaired.

What we repair:
• Re- bedding (the cement mortar that keeps the ridge capping in place)
• Re- pointing (the process of resealing the ridge capping mortar when it starts to crack away)
• Ridge capping
• Valley flashings
• Replacement of tiles (we have in stock a wide variety of tiles that we can use)

We can also give your roof, and the whole outside of your house and good pressure clean!

We can repair any style roof design from heritage styles right through to ultra-modern style homes.

Whilst we are on your roof, we can:
• Install whirly birds
• Install gutter guards

Do you have Solar? No problems! We can work around your solar panels!