Roof Restoration Process

We restore a range of roof designs and styles

We can bring your tired and deteriorated roof back to life. A simple thing of restoring your roof will make your whole home look brand new.

Our roof restoration process:

1. Water proofing your roof
• Replace any broken tiles
• Ridge caps are re-bedded
• Valley flashes are replaced (as required)

2. Clean your roof
• Using our high pressure (400psi) water system
• Remove moss, dirt an any contaminates
• We clean the gutters
• We even clean the outside of your house! (We don’t do toilets though)

3. Roof inspection
• A thorough inspection is conducted
• Valley cut tiles are clipped
• Flexible pointing is then applied to clean ridge capping
• Weep holes are installed

4. Painting process
• Masking the area out
• Ensuring roof is fully dry and the weather is favourable
• Application of the primer/ sealer (for tiled roof)
• Metal primer (for metal roofs)
• 2 coats of roof membrane (colour of your choice)
• Spare tiles are painted for you to keep in case any thing happens to your roof in the future
• EXTRA option: A clear glaze can be applied to give your roof and extra glossy look as well as increasing the warranty from 12 to 15 years

5. The clean up
• Once the paint is fully cured
• Removal of all masking
• Final inspection
• All trade waste is removed, and final property inspection is completed to ensure your property is left how we found it

We use and recommend Roof Protect by Industrial Roof Coatings

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